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Distance Measurement app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 6624 ratings )
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Developer: Nanshu Kaneshiro
Current version: 1.1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 24 Apr 2014
App size: 11.01 Mb

"Distance Measurement" is the application that can measure distance by tracing on the map with your finger.
Units are both "km" and "mile".

- Measurement of distance by tracing a finger on the map
- Search
- Present location

Because it is simple, it is an application easy to use.

Latest reviews of Distance Measurement app for iPhone and iPad

Irritatating to the point of deletion - Ad for SHOWTIME pops up... .
Helpful app.
This is a nice little app that does what it advertises. You need to have the map displaying the entire area you want to trace, because you cant move the map around without having to start tracing again from the beginning. Would be nice if the map slowly scrolled when you got towards the edge of the map, so you could trace a route that is inconvenient to fit on a small phone screen.
Simple Functional Measurements on Google Map
Works well, but is as simple as the price. Free! The path measurement is free form, not based on line segments which makes it easy to follow normal curvy roads, but stops measuring as soon as you stop moving your finger. Measurement re-starts as you set your finger down again. Seems accurate for my purpose, which was to plan a 5 mile walking path around my neighborhood. For that, its great! Use a screen shot to save a path you like!
For measuring map distance
A simple app that lets you measure distances on the map by tracing a path with your fingertip or with a stylus. Doesnt do anyhting else.
Better than the new google maps.
Since the new version of Google Maps has appeared, Ive lost the ability to zoom in on an image. The new format included a wider angle lens that bordered on fisheye. This made the images harder to use and much less useful for location spotting. This app is closer to the original Google concept and much more useful and easier to use. Thank you
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